Poll: Majority of Americans do not trust the press

More than 50 per cent of Americans now say they don’t trust the press. This is the disturbing finding of a new Harris Poll.

But it’s not because Americans trust other media more. Some 46 per cent of those polled say they do not trust television either, while 41 per cent say they do not trust internet news. Almost a third of Americans, meanwhile, say they don’t trust radio news. So no-one really comes out ahead.

While the trust level for internet news is higher than most other types of media, its not where most American turn for political news. Seventy percent tune into their local television news, followed by 66 percent who watch cable tv news programmes such as CNN and FOX. While 65 per cent still read their local papers for political news.

Despite claims by many newspapers that their web sites are growing the survey suggests that a third -of all Americans – that is around 32 per cent – never visit a newspaper website. And almost as many never turn to the web sites of cable news stations when they look for political news.

Another disturbing result of the survey, conducted by Harvard University, was that nearly two thirds of all Americans believe traditional journalism is “out of touch” with what Americans want these days from their news.

Americans 63 or older are more likely to turn to local television stations for their political news while the so-called Baby Boomers – those between 44 and 62 – are more likely to watch cable news, network television or read their local papers.

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