Plummeting circulations hit US papers

Plunging circulation figures for the
San Francisco Chronicle – the paper
in the home town of internet
phenomenon Craigslist, which
offers free classified advertising on
its website – could provide a grim
warning for UK newspapers, writes
Jeffrey Blyth in New York.
The latest circulation figures from
the US show the San Fransisco
paper down 15 per cent year-onyear,
the Los Angeles Times down
five per cent, the San Jose Mercury
down 8 per cent and the Washington
Post down 4 per cent.
The Boston Globe and the Baltimore
Sun are both down 9 per cent.
However, it is not all bad news
from the US. Papers with a more
national circulation are holding
up better.
USA Today is up 1 per cent to
2,270,000, the New York Times is up
0.5 per cent to 1,142,000 and the
Wall Street Journal’s weekday edition
is down just 1 per cent to 2,049,000.

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