Piers Morgan bids hello to the Daily Mirror

Former Mirror editor Piers Morgan is to return to the paper’s Canary Wharf HQ as editor for the first time since he was frogmarched from the building in 2005 after the fake-torture pictures debacle.

Oh to be a fly on the wall if he bumps into Sly Bailey – the chief executive who ensured his swift exit.
Morgan bid £12,000 at a charity auction for the chance to be Daily Mirror editor for a day.

The prize was donated by current editor Richard Wallace at a testimonial dinner for Sir Ian Botham at Grosvenor House.

Sir Jeffrey Archer auctioned the prize and urged Wallace to outbid his predecessor to avoid any possible embarrassment for the Mirror.

But Morgan appeared prepared to go to any level to secure the prize, and was jubilant when Lord Archer’s gavel descended.

As part of his prize, Morgan will have breakfast with Wallace at the Wolseley restaurant in Piccadilly, before being chauffeured to Canary Wharf. He will have lunch with Wallace and a celebrity guest – yet to be decided – and will then be invited to help put the finishing touches to the day’s newspaper.

Once the paper is set for the day, Morgan will join Wallace and other members of the editorial team for drinks.

The prize has to be taken at ‘a mutually convenient date’before the end of April next year.

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