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Piers Morgan bans 'tedious little man' Hugh Grant from CNN show

Former News of the World editor Piers Morgan claims to have banned Hugh Grant from appearing on his CNN talk show following the actor’s outspoken attack on the tabloid press.

Morgan made the announcement on his Twitter account while listening to Grant’s comments in a debate on the future of journalism hosted by BBC Five Live’s Richard Bacon on Monday.

Morgan said he has banned the actor from appearing on either his CNN show Piers Morgan Tonight or his ITV show Piers Morgan’s Life Stories, after describing Grant as a “tedious little man”.

During the Five Live debate on Monday Grant commented:

We don’t need them [tabloid newspapers], we don’t want them and the sooner they go out of business the better.

Former Daily Mirror editor Morgan responded on Twitter:

Listening to Bishop Hugh Grant telling @richardpbacon he wants popular newspapers eradicated. I feel the same about his crap movies.

This was soon followed with:

Hugh Grant is now banned, in perpetuity, from @PiersTonight and Life Stories. And anything else I ever do. Tedious little man.



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