Picture perfect: Concorde crash

Tuesday, 25 July 2000 had been a quiet day at the Daily Mirror. That was until just after 3pm, when our newsdesk got the first call about a major incident happening at Paris’s Charles de Gaulle airport.

At first the information from Paris was confused over exactly what had happened, but quickly it became clear that an Air France Concorde had crashed shortly after take-off.

The rest of the day became a blur as we focused all our attention on covering the story.

The next day, most of our attention was spent following the story up when we had a call from a Mirror reader who was in Paris.

He had been talking to a Japanese passenger who had taken a picture of the Concorde as it took off. We sent our Paris photographer to collect the picture and transmit it back to the office.

We were amazed by it. We splashed the picture on the front page and the picture went on to be used on subsequent days by practically every news organisation around the world.

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