Photographer to sue police for £10,000 of lost kit - Press Gazette

Photographer to sue police for £10,000 of lost kit

A press photographer is suing Northumbria Police for false arrest and loss of equipment after being cleared of obstructing an officer.

Freelance Marc McMahon claims he lost £10,000 worth of camera equipment when police tried to stop him taking pictures and cuffed him as he photographed of an attempted suicide on the Tyne Bridge.

The police force has launched an investigation into the complaint.

Following the incident McMahon was charged with obstructing a police officer, but last week Newcastle Magistrates found him not guilty and said he had acted ‘professionally”.


McMahon was handcuffed and taken to a police cell – being forced to leave behind his equipment which was later stolen from the scene.

McMahon said: ‘I’m feeling very relieved about the verdict. The last year has been immensely stressful for my family and we’re glad the magistrates came to the right decision. ‘

Now McMahon, 37, is launching a civil case against the force to reclaim the cost of his equipment and related loss of earnings.