Photographer brothers launch Atlantic Images - fourth UK picture agency launch this year

A new picture agency has today been launched by two brothers.

Christopher and Peter Whittle, sons of Cavendish Press picture agency founder Brian, set up Atlantic Images to exploit a gap in the market for “innovative product placement” and “clever branding”.

The pair said they hoped this “attention to detail” would set them apart from their rivals, while also providing images and stories tailored to specific audiences.

The brothers have been working in the photography industry for more than 20 years and will run their new agency from London and Vancouver, with an additional team in Los Angeles.

Christopher Whittle said: “With a growing team of contributors, we recognise talented people as our most important asset.

“As photographers ourselves, we understand the hard work that goes into producing quality images and our mission is to simply make content work harder.

“We have identified several emerging platforms which will better monetise content where it has proven difficult for other larger agencies to expand into.”

Atlantic Pictures is set to launch consumer website Celebrity WotNot later this year, with the aim of showing entertainment photos and stories in a “positive and engaging way”.

The picture agency is not the first to launch this year.

Showbiz news agency WENN announced it was to launch Cover Images to provide pictures across news, sport and other areas complementing WENN’s expertise in entertainment.

In April, Silverhub picture agency was launched by former Getty Images’chief operating officer Nick Evans-Lombe and editorial division head Adrian Murell. It is run by former Daily Mirror picture editor Ian Down.

The Mega Agency was also announced in March by Splash founder Kevin Smith and is expected to launch this year.


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