Photo gallery: Journalists and campaigners pick their dream headlines

Freelance photographer James Young is on the hunt for leading journalists and freedom of speech campaigners who will agree to be pictured with their ‘Dream Headline’ as part of a project of the same name.

Young has already persuaded journalists Sally Murrer and Nick Davies, as well as director of Liberty Shami Chakrabarti; MP George Galloway; Labour party activist Walter Wolfgang and anti-war campaigner Brian Haw to pose with a mocked-up front page of the Daily Tomorrow.

He says the Dream Headline project is intended to promote free speech and press freedom and will culminate in an exhibition next year.

Here are the Dream Headline pictures taken so far:

Brian Haw:

Sally Murrer:

Nick Davies:

Shami Charkrabarti:

George Galloway:

Walter Wolfgang:

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