Photo award scoop

Daily Mirror’s Bradley Ormesher has scooped the Barclays Premiership
Photographer of the Year Award 2004/05, beating more than 120
photographers from across Europe.

Ormesher submitted five photos
representing the spirit, emotion and skill of top-flight football,
including the shots above right and right.

Jamie McDonald from Getty Images won the Barclays Shot of the Season 2004/05 for the picture above.

Gault, from the Barclays Awards Panel, said: “Bradley’s photos are
outstanding. They capture perfectly the passion, emotion and humour of
Barclays Premiership football. Jamie’s photo was a clear winner for
Photograph of the Season. I counted six players all trying to head the
same ball, which shows the sheer determination and courage of players
in the Barclays Premiership. It’s a stunning image.”

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