PG's new look has me seeing double

Being a fan of the motto ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’, and
having loved Press Gazette’s previous format I am still getting used to
the organ’s new styling.

A positive consequence of this is that,
being unfamiliar with the layout, I am less able to skim-read than I
used to, and am therefore perusing the contents more thoroughly.

course, with my eagle eyes paying much greater attention, I spotted
that news of Hello magazine’s texting service for celeb-obsessed
readers was mentioned twice – once in the consumer magazines digest
(p6) and again on p8 in the Briefs column.

(Hello, hello, what’s
going on here, then?) So with duplication in mind, does this mean that
I’d get TWO badges if this appears on your letters page?

Having said that, do keep up the good work. I still love Press Gazette!

Stephanie Zinser Cobham, Surrey

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