PG photo broke World Cup rules

From: Larry Kilman Subject: World Cup pictures Sorry to be the one
to break this to you, but the photo accompanying “WAN takes World Cup
concerns to Fifa” (Press Gazette, 7 October)violates the rules Fifa is
imposing for photo coverage of the 2006 World Cup. Under the new rules,
you would be banned from putting the headline and the caption directly
on the photo.

The rule for “printed, non-electronic publications”
states: “no alteration (other than cropping the image) is made to, and
no text or image is superimposed over, any published image, except for
the addition of a credit for an applicable photographic agency or

This restriction appears for the first time in
Fifa’s rules. Unless WAN is successful in its talks with Fifa, those
nice headlines are a thing of the past.

Good story, though.

Larry Kilman Director of communications World Association of Newspapers

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