Peter Sissons set to 'put the knife in' about 'bloated' BBC with memoirs


Former BBC newsreader Peter Sissons is set to “put the knife in” to the BBC with his memoirs, which he has nearly completed – Adam Helliker reports in the Sunday Express. 

He reports Sissons telling him: “The BBC has become bloated with executives on ridiculous salaries; if I was David Cameron I’d put someone in there to really shake the place up.

“These people are working in the public service but the money now matters more to them than the work they do. It makes me boil to think of the taxpayer picking up their huge restaurant and taxi bills.

‘I’m proud to say that I only ever claimed for one dinner when I worked there, and that was because the producer had left his wallet behind.”

He adds: “I think the answer is to break up the corporation and sell off big chunks so it can be managed by other people.”


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