Pesto gets mashed up: First of many You Tube wind-ups?

Thanks to ManMadeHound for posting a comment on one of my recent posts on Robert Peston.

He/she points to a brutal mash-up on You Tube that involves Andrew Neil watching as Pesto attempts to explain the credit crunch — yet again — in a BBC studio.

Neil and Peston are accompanied by two other talking heads — Terry Smith of stockbrokers Collins Stewart and economist George Magnus of UBS.

Peston’s ad libbing takes him to the brink of a cliff named Coherence. The clip is worth watching for that alone. But if you hang on for a while, until around 7:00, there’s an unexpected (and funny) surprise…

PS: There’s another You Tube effort on Peston doing the rounds. This one involves some Richard Clayderman-style piano, lots of stock shots of the great man. . . and footage of Daleks prowling around a shopping centre and talking with passers-by. Simply odd.

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