People claims 800k extra sales from Brad and Angelina issue

How well did People do with its cover picture of Angelina Jolie and
Brad Pitt's baby Shiloh – for which it reportedly paid over $4 million?
Pretty well, according to insiders at the magazine. Although final
figures are not in yet, it is believed when they are counted the
magazine will have sold at least 2,300,000 copies on the news stands.
That's at least 800,000 more than usual.

For the issue with the
baby pix People upped its price to just under $4 – fifty cents more
than usual. The extra sales will probably bring in well over $2 million
in additional revenue. "We were very pleased," managing editor Larry
Hackett told the NY Post.

Although it may not have completely recouped
its investment, People did reap lots of extra publicity. Also it is
suspected to have drained some sales away from its big rivals US and

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