PC Format goes specialist

PC Format is to become less mainstream and more specialist as the result of a relaunch which includes 16 extra pages.

The title is hoping to re-establish itself as the IT bible for “All Your PC Needs” and has introduced a more practical and easy-to-use design. Editorial has also been altered with an extended features section and more detail on how intermediate and advanced PC users can get the most out of their computers.

The next two issues will feature 16 extra pages. The Gameplay section has grown in size and will feature “mod options” – information on how readers can edit and modify the reviewed software and hardware.

There will be two new sections PCF Hardcore and PCF Hub. PCF Hardcore will tell readers how to modify their PCs and edit and expand games. PCF Hub, printed on a thicker paper, will look at the PC as a home entertainment system.

Group publisher of PC Format Dave Taylor said: “The computing industry has changed substantially during the last decade and PC Format has always aimed at reflecting these changes.

“Veering away from an initially niche market, PC Format recently took the more mainstream route, offering a more complex proposition aimed at the wider PC audience.

“So in its new guise, PC Format refocuses on this niche area, targeting the more experienced readers and offering practical advice on technical modifications and tweaks, providing a guide for those who want to get the best out of their computers.”

The redesigned issue is out this week with a cover price of £5.99.

By Ruth Addicott

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