Paralysed Times columnist Melanie Reid: 'In my head I am still fiercely alive'

Times columnist Melanie Reid has dictated a column from her hospital bed after breaking her neck and being paralysed in a horse-riding accident earlier this month.

She is facing the possibility of never walking again and has written about coming close to death as she recovered in hospital in recent weeks.

She writes: “Everything is a fight to keep you alive and to get your body through the shock.”

And she concludes her amazingly moving column: “I just have to come to terms with the fact that I’m lucky to be here at all. And in my head I am fiercely alive.”

The online version of the column has attracted 190 comments so far.

This one from Nick Browne was fairly typical:

“Thank you for one of the most moving pieces of journalism I have ever read.

“I can only wish you a safe recovery, and express my selfish hope that you will continue to write for us.”

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