PA to launch video diploma

By Jean Morgan

The Press Association is to launch a new diploma in video journalism
aimed at print journalists who want to be able to shoot video as well
as write for newspapers.

The training programme, headed by top video journalist David Dunkley
Gyimah, has been designed to acknowledge the growing impact of
broadband internet on newspaper publishers.

Students will
complete two weeks of practical, classroom-based training in learning
to use a video camera. They will also learn to tell news stories
through video, understand how to interview on camera, work with light
and sound and editing skills.

Back on their newspaper, they will
put their new skills into practice before returning to the classroom to
further develop their techniques. They will work towards a new Diploma
in Video Journalism operated by The Editorial Centre, which is
expecting to receive national recognition.

Gyimah, who used to
work for the BBC, now lectures in video journalism at Westminster
University. He is also editor of the innovative website.

introduction of the diploma follows the development of PA’s own
multimedia newsroom in London and an internal training scheme that has
seen traditional wire reporters also carry video cameras.

Oberoi, PA’s head of multimedia, said: “We believe that this training
course is going to be a cornerstone in the development of the newspaper
industry’s natural transition into creating video content online.”

Johnston, head of PA editorial training, said: “As broadband internet
becomes the norm, having journalists who are as comfortable writing for
print as they are telling stories through video is going to be

The Press Association bought a 50 per cent stake in The Editorial Centre in 2004.

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