Our poll puts regionals top

In contrast to the YouGov survey ( Press Gazette , 21 January) the
results for the latest Consumers Choice 5 survey on media
trustworthiness, carried out by TNS Media on behalf of the Newspaper
Society, were as follows:

Regional newspaper: 20%

BBC TV: 19%

Teletext: 12%

National daily newspaper: 11%

National BBC radio: 10%

Local BBC radio: 9%

National Sunday newspaper: 9%

There are differences in the methodologies utilised by each survey:

● The YouGov survey is a larger, but simplistic poll of adults,
questioned via e-mail. Consumers Choice consists of in-depth interviews
in the home, followed by self-completion questionnaires.

● The YouGov survey only allows respondents to name one title or programme from a limited choice.

Consumers Choice provides a comprehensive list of media from which respondents can select multiple sources.

The YouGov survey lists only newspapers as one of four possible
choices. Consumers Choice includes a wider list of options for each
newspaper sector.

It is, therefore, reasonable to conclude that
the two pieces of research are not directly comparable. Statistics, as
we all know, can be used in different ways to demonstrate an advantage
or prove a particular point.

In the YouGov survey the BBC dominated in terms of trustworthiness.

this poll cannot be compared to Consumers Choice 5, which shows that
regional newspapers continue to be selected as the most trustworthy

Alison White Research manager Newspaper Society

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