Online 'headcam' video first for Plymouth paper

The Plymouth Evening Herald's web site today published video recorded using a state-of-the art camera strapped to a reporter's head, in what could be a trial run for solo war reporting from Afghanistan.

The paper's maritime and defence correspondent, Tristan Nichols, travelled to Sierra Leone, where he used the tiny camera to record interviews and live action footage of Plymouth-based military units who are currently in the west African country on a three-month exercise to test their jungle warfare and amphibious capabilities.

The device that Nichols used has been used by police and the by armed forces for mobile intelligence gathering since late last year. It comprises a lightweight camera and a PDA-sized device containing a hard drive that can store up to 400 hours of video.

"This was really a trial for how this would work for reporting from somewhere like Afghanistan," said Nichols, who plans to report from Helmand Province later this year.

The portable camera has great potential for solo war reporting, says Nichols.

"It's a one-man job where you can just walk around doing interviews. It really is the future."

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