On-the-spot public captures the bomb terror

By Dominic Ponsford

Amateur photographs sent in from mobile phones and digital cameras
provided the backbone of the pictorial coverage from last Thursday’s

The front-page pictures of both The Sun and the Daily Mirror were sent in by eyewitnesses.

to The Sun’s managing editor, Graham Dudman, the picture of the
Tavistock Square bus blast taken from above was sent in by a reader.

He said: “Because these pictures were taken by people who were there when it happened they are incredibly powerful.”

Daily Mirror’s front-page picture of the tube train damaged by the
Aldgate blast was provided by a Japanese tourist with a digital camera.

page three picture came from onlooker Matthew Rosenberg and was taken
with a digital camera just seconds after the bomb exploded on the
number 30 bus. It was widely syndicated to other nationals.

Mobile phone images taken by survivors underground were widely used by broadcasters and the national press.

The BBC reported that it received 50 images from members of the public within an hour of the first blasts.

of the iconic images of the day was however taken by professional
photographers – an injured woman clutching a white mask to her face was
snapped by several photographers as she and other survivors were taken
from the Metropole Hotel, near Edgware Road, to waiting ambulances.

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