Old hack: 'Rapacious managements are real culprits on phone-hacking'

The real culprits on phone-hackling are not the likes of Clive Goodman but “the rapacious results-or-else managements who know damned well how sales-making headlines are achieved and editorial bullies who abuse their hire-and-fire powers to intimidate staff in an ever-tightening jobs market”.

So writes Tom Brown on Gentleman Ranters today as he asks whether an earlier generation of journalists would have “stooped so low”.

In a punchy piece he also notes: “Intrusion, eavesdropping and persecution in the name of ‘investigative journalism’ are nothing new but the law is still useless mumbo-jumbo. What are we to make of the Crown Prosecution Service telling police that it was illegal to hack into a message before the recipient had heard it but not after – then changing their minds?”

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