Ofcom rejects 'unfair treatment' claim in Littlejohn doc

A Channel 4 documentary on anti-semitism fronted by Daily Mail columnist Richard Littlejohn has escaped censure from Ofcom following a complaint of unfair treatment from one of its contributors.

Tony Greenstein, a representative of the Independent Jewish Voices organisation, complained to the broadcast regulator that his comments for the programme had been edited and taken out of context.

The documentary, The War On Britain’s Jews, which was broadcast in July last year, sought to explain what Littlejohn claimed had been an increase in anti-semitic behaviour in Britain since 2001.

Channel 4 said it rejected Greenstein’s claims that he had been misled about the nature and content of the programme, after Greenstein raised concerns abiout the programme after reading one of Littlejohn’s columns in the Daily Mail.

Greenstein was approached to give “a contribution [that] would demonstrate that there was a diversity of Jewish opinion on this issue”, the broadcaster said.

But Ofcom ruled that Greenstein had been given enough information about the programme to give “informed consent for his participation”.

The regulator added that it had watched his unedited interview and concluded that the extracts used in the documentary had been fairly edited.

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