Ofcom clears Newsnight over Starkey 'whites have become black' comments


Ofcom won’t be taking any action after more than 100 complaints about ‘racist’ comments made by historian David Starkey in the aftermath off the August riots.

Starkey said at one point that “the problem is the whites have become black”.

An Ofcom spokesman told The Independent: “This was a serious and measured discussion within a programme with a well-established nature and format and with reputation for dealing with challenging subjects. The effect of his comments was limited by the presenter’s moderation of the item and his comments were countered by the views of other contributors.”

Here is the video of again of the Starkey Newsnight appearance, the highlight of which has to be hearing him quote from a text message sent out by someone who sympathised with the rioters:
“Pigs shouldnt ov killed dat guy last night init. Den dey wudnt get blown up…galz goin to steal weavee…”

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