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October ABCs: Nine titles celebrate circulation rises

Nine national newspapers put on sales in October, making it one of the most positive ABC periods in months.

But every Scottish newspaper lost sales – with the Sunday Herald taking an 8.80 per cent year on year hit and The Scotsman falling 8.29 per cent.

With the rest of the market in general decline, only the mid-market sector increased its overall circulation – up 0.13 per cent.

Daily Mirror sales have taken a hit from The Sun’s price cut to 20p in London and the south-east – falling 4.68 per cent year on year.

The Sun continued to benefit from the price-cutting move, stemming its circulation decline to just 0.63 per cent year on year. The paper employed vendors to dish out copies at main commuter spots in the capital.

After putting on sales for the first time since the July 2005 terrorist attacks in September’s ABCs, the Evening Standard was again up year on year – rising 3.77 per cent to 292,544. In October, the paper relaunched and unveiled a new cashless payment system, called Eros.

The Daily Mail was up 0.13 per cent with the help of a number of promotions including The Great War DVD collection and a Barbara Taylor Bradford DVD series and a home delivery drive and The Express’s five-part ‘Learn to Dance’DVD collection saw sales boosted by 0.15 per cent.

The Guardian continued to lose sales, down 5.25 per cent year on year as a result of increasing its cover price to 80p Monday to Friday and £1.50 on Saturdays. It dropped 5.56 per cent year on year.

A series of ‘Success at Work’handbooks failed to reap rewards for The Independent with sales down 6.72 per cent to 240,134.

The Financial Times was the best performing daily newspaper – up 2.19 per cent following several strong ABC performances. The paper has benefited from increased overseas sales and relaunched in March, accompanied by a huge marketing drive.

Thelondonpaper’s distribution is up 31.3 per cent on last year after it won a contract to share the Metro’s distribution deal at National Rail terminii last October, allowing it to distribute from around 10 new key commuter points.

City AM’s distribution was up 8.1 per cent year on year, having broken through the 100,000 mark in April. There are plans for the free business opener to launch in other British cities. Its total distribution is now 100,576

Only three Sunday papers put on sales year on year – the Sunday Mirror, Observer and the Daily Star Sunday, which was the biggest riser in the Sunday market, up 12.28 per cent to 446,482.

The People has fallen below the 700,000 for the first time in its history, down 11.7 per cent to 696,091.

Red-top dailies
The Sun: 3,126,866 – up 0.63 per cent
The Daily Mirror: 1,525,477 down 4.68 per cent
Daily Star: 771,197 – up 0.05 per cent

Mid-market dailies
Daily Mail: 2,353,807 – up 0.13 per cent
Daily Express: 789,867 – up 0.15 per cent

Quality dailies
Daily Telegraph: 882,413 – down 1.96 per cent
The Guardian 364,513 – down 5.25 per cent
The Independent: 240,134 – down 6.72 per cent
The Times: 642,895 – down 2.04 per cent
Financial Times: 449,385 – up 2.19 per cent

Other dailies
Racing Post: 67,005 – down 5.42 per cent
Evening Standard: 292,544 – up 3.77 per cent
Daily Record: 401,959 – down 4.31 per cent
The Herald: 67,977 – down 3.93 per cent
The Scotsman: 54,384 – down 8.29 per cent

Red-top Sundays
Daily Star Sunday: 446,482 – up 12.28 per cent
News of the World: 3,351,827 – down 2.72 per cent
Sunday Mirror: 1,393,184 – up 1.26 per cent
The People: 696,091 – down 11.7 per cent
Sunday Sport: 91,253 – down 12.45 per cent

Mid-market Sundays
Mail on Sunday: 2,378,916 – down 1.12 per cent
Sunday Express: 716,656 – down 9.51 per cent

Quality Sundays
Independent on Sunday: 210,922 – down 8.37 per cent
The Observer: 487,216 – up 1.05 per cent
Sunday Times: 1,274,400 – down 0.99 per cent
Sunday Telegraph: 651,499 – down 2.56 per cent

Other Sundays
Scotland on Sunday: 71,267 – down 7.37 per cent
Sunday Post: 409,044 – down 6.82 per cent
Sunday Herald: 51,419 – down 8.8 per cent
Sunday Mail: 509,115 – down 3.25 per cent

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