NUJ protest over “industry in crisis”

The NUJ has announced a union-wide day of action on November 5 to highlight what it says is a deepening crisis in the journalism industry.

The union has said that the action will be its biggest protest since News International moved to Wapping.

The protest will happen in Manchester between midday and 1.30pm at the Society of Editors conference and an evening rally in London.

Thousands of NUJ members around the UK and Ireland are also expected to take part in workplace protests.

NUJ General Secretary Jeremy Dear said: ‘This will be a day of huge importance. The time has come for us to stand up as one and send a loud, clear message that our industry is in deep crisis.

‘It’s no coincidence that we have chosen Fireworks Day for our protest – we want the whole country to wake up and recognize that this is a matter of grave concern for all of us. We intend to spark a national debate about the crucial role journalism plays in our society.

‘The media is the eyes and ears of the public, doing the essential job of revealing corruption, hypocrisy and wrong-doing. A matter of such enormous consequence can no longer be left solely in the hands of the media owners who have repeatedly shown they are not worthy of the stewardship of our profession.

‘Our members will make it clear that they will no longer accept the cuts, the poor pay and the worsening working conditions to maintain the excessive profits of ever-more greedy media companies.

‘Industry employers must come to their senses and realise that rather than endless bloodletting they must invest in quality journalism and the journalists that produce it.”

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