NUJ deputy Fray wins second term

By Wale Azeez

John Fray, the NUJ deputy general secretary, has been re-elected to the post after taking 75 per cent of the vote in the four-candidate election.

Fray’s bid for a second term as the union’s number two was won with 4,019 of the 5,329 votes cast, which reflected a 20 per cent turnout for the election.

Fraser Addecott of Brighton and Mid-Sussex branch had 648 votes; Chris Youett at Birmingham & Coventry, 445 and Greg Lloyd Smith at head office, 217.

Originally elected to the post in 1998, Fray, 59, will now hold it until his retirement in 2009.

Prior to his appointment as deputy secretary general, Fray was the NUJ’s national broadcasting organiser for eight years.

He has been a full-time union organiser for over 20 years.

“Working over the last five years alongside John Foster [former NUJ general secretary], we’ve grown in strength and ended internal membership problems. Myself and Jeremy [Dear, current general secretary] are working in the interest of all of our members, building and working for an effective organisation. And that will continue,” he said.

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