NUJ called in at struggling Full House


The NUJ has reportedly been called in at Burda’s Full House magazine, where restructuring of the company following the purchase of Essential Publishing is expected to lead to redundancies for more than half the staff.

According to a source at the magazine, 15 out of 25 people are to lose their jobs, although it is thought the aim is to continue to publish the women’s weekly as normal.

A staff member told Press Gazette: "Everyone knew the magazine was struggling, everyone expected the plug to be pulled on it, but nobody expected this treatment of the staff who have worked on it for the last 18 months.

Alan Urry, CEO of Burda, said: "I can confirm that some people have already left the company — not just Full House — but I cannot go into more detail as this is a very sensitive time while going through reorganisation."

Essential Publishing acquired German publisher Burda last month.

Burda struggled last year with Full House, but recorded weekly sales of above 200,000 in February’s ABCs and has worked hard to get the magazine relisted by retailers after some took it off their shelves last year.

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