NSPCC links up with Redwood

Pearce: heading new publication

The NSPCC has teamed up with Redwood Publishers to produce a free quarterly glossy which will represent a new approach to getting the charity’s message out to families.

Your Family, to be launched next spring, will be aimed at families with children up to six years old.

Woolworth’s has agreed to distribute 800,000 copies through its stores – more than eight times the circulation of Emap Esprit’s Mother and Baby , the current leader in the sector, which is paid-for.

Susannah Pearce, former deputy editor of the recently-defunct BBC Parenting magazine, has been hired to head the new publication.

BBC Parenting closed this month because of falling circulation, while IPC’s Practical Parenting has redesigned in a bid to revive its own falling sales.

But Gerry Tissier, head of media at the NSPCC, said the charity had “done the sums” on its venture and was confident it would be a success.

He said: “There are two unique things about this parenting magazine.

“The first is that is a non-paid-for title and the second is the link-up between the NSPCC, Woolworth’s and Redwood to produce a magazine that will reach a huge number of parents.

“It’s a new approach in terms of being able to get a positive parenting message out to support parents and provide information on how best to bring up children, but that’s done in a way that is entertaining and readable.

“The type of issues we cover may not be so different from other parenting magazines but we have our own perspective on various issues.”

He said a copy of the magazine might contain articles on how to deal with toddler tantrums, how to keep children safe, discipline issues or bringing up a happy child. He added: “This magazine will reach parents who don’t read other parenting magazines, and will also increase interest in reading about parenting issues.”


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