NoW stringer brings unfair dismissal case

The US-based News of the World stringer who helped track down Divine Brown is suing the paper for unfair dismissal.

Shumacher and Stuart White scooped the rest of Fleet Street when they
signed up the prostitute sensationally arrested with Hugh Grant on
Sunset Boulevard in 1995. Schumacher, who is rarely bylined, has also
been involved in a string of other high-profile scoops to come out of
LA in his 15 years at the NoW.

He has engaged lawyers Carter Ruck
and the case promises to be an unusual one because he is a freelance
employed on a retainer by the NoW.

A former colleague of
Shumacher said: “He’s very, very good and operates like a private
detective. He was often falling out with the NoW, so it doesn’t
surprise me that it’s come to this.”

Another former workmate told
Press Gazette: “Those of us who worked with Shumacher know he knows
where the bodies are buried for the NoW.”

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