NoW says evidence not in “Braveheart” Sheridan's favour

News of the World legal manager Tom Crone has disputed the jury’s verdict in the Tommy Sheridan libel victory today – and said that the MSP was like something out of the film Braveheart when he made his closing speech.

Crone told Sky News: “This was about the truth of the evidence produced in court. Eighteen people have evidence that all went in one direction. We contend that the clear weight of the evidence that went before the court supported our side and not his.”

Crone admitted that Sheridan conducting his own defence may have been a factor in swaying the jury to award the MSP £200,000 after he sued over stories which claimed he attended sex clubs and took part in orgies.

He said: “He added a light touch, he pulled all the emotional heart strings, he pressed all the right buttons and was a very accomplished orator. He reminded me in his final speech of Braveheart as he rallied his troops.

“We say that the weight of the evidence did not support the verdict."

The News of the World has revealed that it does plan to appeal the decision, on the basis that the jury's verdict was "perverse".

Sheridan says £200k libel win is victory for the working class.

Picture: Gail and Tommy Sheridan outside the Court of Session in Edinburgh


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