Now Premier League star uses injunction to stop press revelations

A leading Premier League footballer is the latest celebrity to use an injunction to stop press revelations about his private life.

According to the Daily Mail, the player obtained a legal order on Friday night to stop a story appearing in a Sunday newspaper.

It follows news last week that golfer Colin Montgomerie had used an injunction to stop an individual making public certain information to the press.

Injunctions are increasingly being seen as the weapon of choice for high-profile figures who wish to protect their privacy. Unlike defamation, privacy is an area where claimants can use prior-restraint to halt publication of private (and therefore confidential) information.

After publication, their only redress is to seek damages – as Max Mosley did when he won £60,000 damages at trial from the News of the World in 2008 over its revelations about his unusual sexual proclivities.

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