Now Maxim has a new Front man

Men’s magazine Maxim has poached the editor of Front .

Eoin McSorley, who has edited Highbury’s Front for two years, will now become the managing editor of its rival, published by Dennis.

Maxim’s editor, Greg Gutfeld, said: “We hired Eoin because Front was one of the few successful men’s mags, and that’s due largely to Eoin’s editorial instincts.

“He knew what his readers liked, because he himself is a reader. Or at least we think he can read. We hope, anyway. We actually never saw him read anything.”

McSorley said: “Greg is so enthusiastic about his magazine it becomes infectious – I’ve not stopped scratching since I met him.

“I think it’s a really exciting time for Maxim and I’m really made up to be a part of it.”

Dennis also publishes Viz , The Week and Stuff . Maxim currently has an ABC of 227,000, compared with 100,000 for Front.

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