November ABCs: Observer bucks quality Sunday trend

The Observer was the only one of the ‘big four’quality Sunday papers to post a year-on-year circulation increase in November – but the title was significantly down on the previous month.

British Press Awards newspaper of the year saw a 1.41 per cent annual circulation rise in the November ABCs to 454,374. But compared with October’s figures, The Observer has seen its circulation fall by 30,000 copies, or 6.7 per cent.

The quality Sunday market was down 3.42 per cent overall – distributing 89,000 copies a week less than they were in November 2006.

The Sunday Times saw the steepest decline in the quality market, and still looks to be suffering from its price hike to £2 in September. It’s circulation was down 5.8 per cent year on year to 1.214 million.

The fall is due, however, in part to a reduction in the number of bulk copies it distributes to airlines and hotels – down from 24,352 in October to 19,823 last month.

The Independent on Sunday, which relaunched in June, fell 4.47 per cent year on year. Its circulation is now only just about the 200,000 mark, at 203,369, and almost 40,000 of these copies are bulks.

The Sunday Telegraph, meanwhile, was down 1.69 per cent year on year to 645,305.

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