Northcliffe's veteran editors deserve better

I am sure I am not alone in sympathising with David Gledhill and
Mike Lowe following their abrupt departures (Press Gazette, 24 June).

between the lines, it appears that neither was supportive of planned
changes being imposed from above on their Northcliffe titles.

know David from our time as reporters on the Telegraph & Argus in
Bradford and I could not agree more with your editorial, describing him
and Mike as experienced, respected operators doing good jobs in tough

The unfortunate reality is that a senior journalist’s
experience, knowledge and contacts count for nothing these days when
managements want to shake up newspapers or magazines. I should know – I
went through a similar experience two years ago, being shown the door
with no advance warning from Travel Trade Gazette where I had been
editor for five years and on staff for 18.

I’m not against change
– everyone appreciates the need to adapt and innovate – but it galls me
to read about respected editors apparently being treated so poorly.

my message to both is: use this as an opportunity. Hopefully decent
pay-offs will act as a financial cushion and allow the chance to review
careers and start afresh.

Leaving the corporate workplace did me
no harm. In fact, it proved to be a rejuvenating experience. I’m no
longer as stressed and enjoy my freelance work, giving me a far better
work-life balance than I ever could have imagined while on the
corporate treadmill.

Phil Davies Haslemere, Surrey

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