No negotiation as Telegraph staff get 3 per cent rise

Staff at Telegraph Media Group, which owns The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph, will receive a 3 per cent pay rise in their pay packets this month after the management decided to circumvent annual pay negotiations.

Journalists are asking for a rise of 5.8 per cent – the same amount cited as the ‘real rate of inflation’for middle class families in a front-page Daily Telegraph story on 4 December.

Managers broke the news at a NUJ meeting before Christmas to decide whether Saturday shifts should be compulsory. Strike action was averted when the company offered a one-off £5,000 incentive for voluntary weekend work.

But staff were then told that because the discussions had taken so long, there would be no annual pay negotiations.

Father of chapel John Carey said: ‘We were still trying to resolve the whole issue of Saturday working and when we agreed the deal they suddenly announced that they would be awarding a 3 per cent pay rise.

‘We can’t stop them putting 3 per cent into people’s pay packets, but we want to make it clear that the chapel does not agree with the deal.’A TMG spokesman said: ‘Despite difficult market conditions, the Telegraph Media Group will award its staff a 3 per cent pay rise this year. We have informed the NUJ that we are prepared to make this year one of a three-year deal and we are happy to negotiate this with them.”co



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