No 'festive cheer' at Johnston Press as union blasts offer of extra Christmas holiday for pay cut

The National Union of Journalists (NUJ) have criticised Johnston Press’ decision to offer staff an extra day of leave in exchange for a salary cut.

The publisher of titles including the i and the Scotsman told staff they could take an extra day of leave over Christmas. In exchange they would be asked to sacrifice a day’s pay.

In an email to staff, reported by Hold The Front Page, the publisher said: “As an additional benefit this year, we are now opening a short window during which staff can request one further days’ leave to be taken over the Christmas period.

“In exchange, you agree to reduce your November 2017 salary by the equivalent cost.”

NUJ national organiser Laura Davison said: “Journalists at Johnston Press are already struggling to take leave without leaving colleagues in the lurch to get titles out with a skeleton staff.

“This offer will do nothing to raise a festive cheer among staff.

“Indeed, it shows another failure by Johnston Press’s senior management to deal with the situation on the ground where staff find it sometimes impossible to get a day off or timed owed.”

Offering staff the opportunity to buy extra holiday is understood to be fairly commonplace in other industries.

Johnston Press declined to comment on the matter.

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5 thoughts on “No 'festive cheer' at Johnston Press as union blasts offer of extra Christmas holiday for pay cut”

  1. Last time I looked, JP was mired in £1.4 billion of debt.
    By any measure, it’s bankrupt and is desperately trying to save money.
    The BBC provides “free” news so few people pay for JP’s offerings.
    The unique way it’s funded, don’t you know?

  2. Scrooge would be proud of Johnston Press. What they should be doing is getting the staff to add up all the extra hours they have worked over the year without recompense and either pay them extra for these, at time-and-half, as a Christmas boost or let them take the lieu time over Christmas, if necessary drafting in some freelances for cover. But no, they are exploitative, miserable bastards, who won’t do anything to increase staff morale.

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