Nirpal sets the record straight as most-written-about marriage ends

Nirpal Grazia

After Liz Jones’s detailed post-mortem in the Mail on Sunday about the end of her on-off marriage, the much-written-about Nirpal Dhaliwal got his own back with a four-page piece in Grazia.

Describing Liz Jones as “Britain’s most famous columnist”, the worst he seems to able to throw at her is an allegation of “manic tidiness and neurotic high maintenance”.

He says he “hated being written about” and the first he knew about their impending marriage was when she began a column called “the wedding planner”.

A source tells me that Jones has mainly taken Nirpal’s piece in her stride, as well she might, considering the countless column inches she has assembled at his expense, but she is understood to be furious about one revelation ‒ that of her true age.

Nirpal reveals that when they first met, Jones claimed she was 36 ‒ when in fact she was approaching 42. Which makes her nearer 49 now, and not the 42 some had apparently believed her to be.

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