Night of the blog knives at Telegraph

In recent years, the Daily Telegraph has tried to encourage the promotion of blogs, blogs and more blogs.

So Axegrinder is slightly baffled to learn that two blogs have suddenly been axed. First to go is Celia Walden's Spy party blog, and then, suddenly, the next to get the chop is Jonathan Isaby's political blog, aptly named Little and Large, which he co-wrote with Westminster hack Brendan Carlin.

(Isaby, in case you didn't know it, is the large one, and Carlin, the rather shorter one.)

My sources at Telegraph Plaza tell me that associate editor Simon Heffer insisted that Spy be moved off his lawn – the sacred Telegraph comment pages – to elsewhere in the paper, and since then, they say Spy hasn't had a regular berth.

Meanwhile, Isaby, who has been weeping into his Scotch at the loss of his blog, has been telling friends that many blogs will bite the dust in the coming weeks. Well, we'll be watching out.

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