Nicola Sturgeon voted 'most impressive politician' during Covid-19 crisis by Press Gazette readers

Nicola Sturgeon tops reader poll

Nicola Sturgeon has topped a Press Gazette reader poll asking which high-profile politician had been the most impressive during the Covid-19 crisis.

Just under 2,700 people responded to the poll, which ran in articles on Press Gazette’s website from 13-18 May 2020.

The Scottish First Minister and leader of the SNP took 29% of the vote, equal to 776 votes.

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She was followed by Chancellor Rishi Sunak (24% – 636) and newly elected Labour leader Keir Starmer (23% – 606).

Just 14 per cent of respondents ( 384) voted for Prime Minister Boris Johnson, while 3% (86) said Health Secretary Matt Hancock. Foreign minister Dominic Raab took just under 3%  with 67 votes.

Some 5% of readers selected “other”.



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20 thoughts on “Nicola Sturgeon voted 'most impressive politician' during Covid-19 crisis by Press Gazette readers”

  1. For goodness sake will all you Unionist commenters GROW UP!
    Nicola Sturgeon deserves all the praise she is receiving at the moment. She has admitted that mistakes have been made. Does that mean because she is the only one admitting it then she must be the only one who has made mistakes, NO! How this strong female has put up with the rubbish from nasty individuals like yourselves, the abominable main stream media and downright jealous reporters I do not know, personally I would have thrown in the towel a long time ago and told you all to get on with it and try doing a better job of it, then again you would have all lied and blamed the SNP for your failings because you certainly could never do a better job than Nicola Sturgeon is doing. Ask the rest of the world……

  2. That is amazing as most people don’t see her unless they live in Scotland. I presume it was uk wide?
    I quite enjoy hearing her on BBC Scotland at lunchtime. She actually answers the questions in a quiet but firm way even though some journalists are asking the same questions. She seems to care , which is refreshing.
    You can not be all things to all people but she gets pretty close.

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