Newsquest video content rolled out across group

Newsquest now has journalists producing video content at all 14 of its publishing centres across the country.

The company claims it is the first regional publisher to have video throughout its entire company.

This summer, the broadcast division of parent company Gannett trained more than 70 Newsquest journalists to use advanced equipment and software, including Avid Express.

Group editorial manager Margaret Strayton said: "Newsquest very quickly and quietly has transformed itself into a multimedia company. Like most other publishers we have accepted that multimedia, embracing all distribution vehicles for our journalism — print, digital, video, podcasts, mobile phones — is where the future lies.

"To fully embrace all of this, we set about changing the mindset of print journalists and trained them how to tell a story in a multimedia fashion, making the best of the web, video, podcasts as well as print."

The major regional publishing companies are currently under pressure to fend off possible competition from the BBC, which is proposing to launch local video content in 60 locations around the country. This year, Newsquest invested in a site management system and began using its newspapers' individual branding on its 180-plus websites, with a focus on breaking local news.

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