Newsquest criticised for 'yet another nail in the coffin' after axing of Wales weekly editor role

Newsquest has been criticised after axing the editor position on a Wales weekly. (Picture: Shutterstock)

The Cardigan-based Tivy-Side Advertiser no longer has a dedicated editor after Sue Lewis lost her job last week after nearly seven years in the position.

The move has been described by former editor Aneurin Evans as “yet another nail in the coffin of a local institution which has served its readers with distinction for nigh on 150 years”.

Elin Jones AC/AM, of the National Assembly for Wales, paid tribute to Lewis, and said on her blog: "Newsquest’s decision to centralise editorial control and downgrade the presence in Cardigan will mean that the paper’s finger will no longer be on Cardigan’s pulse."

According to Holdthefrontpage, Telegraph and Milford Mercury editor Holly Robinson will now take on responsibility for the Advertister, which has also lost a designer position.

The Tivy-Side Advertiser recorded an ABC circulation of 6,075 in 2013.

In addition to criticising the decision to axe her position, Lewis has also bemoaned the fact a letter from her predecessor, Evans, has seemingly been deleted from the Tivy-Side website.

The URL for this page, which now says "We cannot find the page you were looking for", is: "http://www.tivysideadvertiser.co.uk/letters/11676326.Death_of_an_Editor/".

But the letter also appears to have been posted on Facebook.

Evans’ letter said: “Dear 'Editor'

“It was with deep regret and sadness that I learnt this week of the 'death' of a local Editor. Forgive the funereal tone, but news of the imminent demise of this vital role at the Tivy-Side Advertiser spells yet another nail in the coffin of a local institution which has served its readers with distinction for nigh on 150 years as the undisputed Voice of the Community

“The decision by owners Newsquest to strip the Tivy-Side of its Editor is not only a blow to the paper and its current incumbent (who has totally embedded herself in the community both as a top-drawer reporter and Editor), but is also a slap in the face for the thousands of loyal readers who support the Tivy-Side week in, week out.”

He added: “It's true the world will not stop because the Tivy-Side no longer has an Editor, but a newspaper without an Editor is like a football team without a manager or a ship without a captain. Diminishing the role belittles the paper and Cardigan.”

Newsquest has not responded to a request for comment.

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