Newspaper experiments with hospital radio

The Great Yarmouth Mercury has taken to the airwaves in the first of four experimental radio programmes produced jointly by the paper and Hospital Radio Yare.

Mercury senior reporter Alan Thompson (pictured), who has 30 years of broadcasting experience, will present the two-hour Afternoon Delight programmes.

The programme will focus on lifestyle issues of the relevant people in Great Yarmouth, and will include music features and celebrity interviews, but will also be putting local politicians on the spot over local issues.

Mercury editor Anne Edwards said: "Hospital Radio Yare is very community based, as we are. We should ideally complement each other.

"It's very exciting to know the issues and stories published in the Mercury on a Friday morning will be highlighted on radio that same afternoon, and hopefully it will bring us new readers and local stories to follow up.

"The same applies to Hospital Radio Yare — the publicity we are able to give them could lead to more listeners. The sky's the limit!"

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