News on the move: Enders Analysis graphs comparing smartphone take-up with print decline

For a flavour of the extent to which smartphone are revolutionising the news business – check out slides four and eight of this presentation by Benedict Evans from Enders Analysis.

Enders Analysis slide presentation to News on the Move

Evans delivered the opening presentation for Press Gazette’s News on the Move conference at Thomson Reuters last Wednesday and did a good job of setting out the scale of the challenge facing the journalism business.

As Thomson Reuters managing consultant for consumer media Ken Breen put it later in the day: “We’re on a journey from Kansas to Oz and we’re smack bang in the middle of a tornado at the moment.”

According to FT.com managing director Rob Grimshaw: “This is a tectonic shift which is as great in scale as the shift from print to desktop [computers].”

It’s amazing to think that just over two years ago no-one had even seen an iPad. Now there are four to five million of them in the UK (according to Benedict Evans’ best guess) and every publisher worth their salt is on them in some format.

We are still at the start of a digital media revolution which is gathering pace. Over the coming months Press Gazette will be announcing more events to ensure that we are at the heart of the debate about how good journalism can make the most of the opportunities and survive the challenges.

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