News digest: Vice website relaunch, Society of Editors fellowships for David Meara and Peter Cole, Derby Telegraph office move

Vice relaunched its website last week on the day it published an editorial project on Guantanamo Bay.

Visit Behind The Bars: Guantanamo Bay featured the work of Jeremy Paxman, Melvyn Bragg, Frederick Forsyth and John le Carre among others.

Alex Miller, Vice’s global head of content, said: “These prisoners have loomed large over America, its allies and its enemies since the day the prison was built. 

"To human rights campaigners, they are an exemplar of contemporary cruelty; to the brutal forces of Al Qaeda and the Islamic State, they are an excuse for crimes aimed at the West. 

"As a collection of work, Behind The Bars is meant to serve as a testament to the existence of Guantanamo Bay, both from outside its walls and within them.” 

Cavendish Press managing director Jon Harris has been elected as chairman of the National Association of Press Agencies, replacing Ferrari’s Matthew Bell.
In a statement Harris, 49, said: ''It is my firm view press agencies are the most important supplier of news, features and pictures to media outlets both now, and in the years ahead.
''But we as an organisation must heavily promote that message to the press both here and abroad to help us achieve that other very important aim – to ensure the press agencies get a fair day's pay for their work.''

The Prince of Wales has written an opinion piece about the importance of preserving the countryside to commemorate his 66th birthday in Country Life.

Prince Charles last year guest edited the title for his 65th.

Six former editors of the Derby Telegraph gathered to commemorate the newspaper moving offices after 30 years last week.

The Telegraph is expected to complete its move, from Meadow Road to Siddals Road, today.

David Meara, the former rector of St Bride’s on Fleet Street, and Peter Cole, emeritus professor of journalism at Sheffield University, have been awarded fellowships of the Society of Editors.

Meara has been a Church of England priest for 40 years and was rector at St Bride’s for 14 years before retiring this year.

Cole previously worked for The Guardian as deputy editor and news editor, The Sunday Times, Evening Standard and Evening News.

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