New World Disorder inspires TV anchor's autobiography

Channel 4 News anchor Jon Snow is set to publish his autobiography later this year.

Called Shooting History, Snow described his first book as “an autobiographical journey through the New World Disorder.

“It’s a sort of ‘how did we get into this mess?’ job, with lots of good stories and insights.”

Snow has been a journalist with ITN for 28 years, and reported on the Cold War, conflicts in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Angola and Central America before going on to be Channel 4 News’ Washington correspondent in the 1980s. In the book, Snow chronicles his experiences and observations on world-changing events such as the fall of the Berlin Wall.

He also recalls meeting – and his interviews with – some of the world’s leaders.

“I wrote it between 5am and 7am every morning for a year. To be honest, it’s easier to write under pressure,” he told Press Gazette.

Snow – who won this year’s Royal Television Society Presenter of the Year Award – said he would be taking some time out from the bulletin to mount a publicity tour for his book.

Shooting History is due to be published on 11 October.

By Wale Azeez

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