New website lets freelances auction their stories to news editors

A new website called Qluso which will enable freelance journalists to sell exclusive articles to news editors will be launching  on 4 October.

The application, which was developed by NewsRupt, will make it possible for editors to bid on freelance’s stories and story ideas.

The idea is that a database exists of exclusive articles which have a time limitation for bidding and a minimum price set by the journalist. The site guarantees a same-day payment for the freelance.

NewsRupt said in a statement on its website: ‘Qluso was built to solve three pains. Firstly, the amount of time news editors spend trying to find a good story. Secondly, the amount of time freelance journalists spend pitching work and trying to access editors, especially those in national newspapers and broadcasters. Thirdly, the pain of chasing clients for payment, a process that can take freelancers weeks and months, sometimes years. Qluso reduces these processes down to a few clicks.”

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