New Telegraph ed Tony Gallagher: Former news editor with fearsome reputation

The promotion of Will Lewis to managing director, digital, of Telegraph Media Group looks likely to be a stepping stone on the way to him taking over from group managing director Murdoch MacLennan – who is about 60 now so might be mulling retirement in the next few years.

As James Robinson notes at the Guardian, the promotion of Tony Gallagher to editor shows the extent the Daily Telegraph has changed since the days of the Hollinger era.

Under Charles Moore, editor until 2003, the Telegraph still had a clubby, relaxed, collegiate feel. Under Will Lewis, one gets the impression the place is a lot more industrious as journalists feed the 24-hour digital news operation as well as the print editions.

Gallagher has a reputation for having meted out some fearsome bollockings in his time as news editor of the Daily Mail, and stories also abound from disgruntled former Telegraph journalists (there are no shortage of them).

One tells Robinson: “I can’t think of anyone in our profession that I would least like to cross the threshold of my home.”

But he also has a reputation for being a prodigiously hard worker. Something which will have impressed Lewis, who is no slacker himself.

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