New team takes RIBA Journal into international territories

RIBA Journal: more appealing

Newly appointed executive editor Naomi Stungo and designer Stefano Arata have this week helped to relaunch RIBA Journal to make it more appealing to an international readership.

Under editor Amanda Baillieu, the magazine has changed size from A4 to a smaller, squarer and shape and the editorial content will have a more international focus.

Stungo has previously edited World Architecture, which went annual from monthly at the end of last year.

Prior to that she was deputy editor of Blueprint and wrote for various newspapers including The Independent and The Observer, where she also had a number of architectural books published.

Stungo has brought in new columnist Bill Mitchell, the Dean of Architecture and Planning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

She said: “The type of buildings we are covering have become more international –in the next issue we are covering a project in Germany.

“We are threading an international theme through the whole magazine. It is no longer the inward looking world it once was.”

Arata was recently art director at Redwood and has also worked on The Independent, The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Telegraph and Time magazine.

He has given the editorial pages a stronger identity by using fonts and colours distinct from the adverts and has presented pictures of buildings across spreads and separated them from the copy.

RIBA Journal which is 110 years old, is published jointly by The Builder Group and the Royal Institute of British Architects. The relaunched issue has been sent to an additional 5,500 overseas readers.

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