New Statesman endorses Ed Miliband as Labour leader

Current affairs weekly The New Statesman has nailed its colours to the mast in the Labour leadership contest and endorsed the younger of the two Miliband brothers, Ed, in the race.

This week’s leader column says that Miliband “has been most prepared to challenge New Labour orthodoxies, to use a different kind of language”.

It states: “He advocates a Labour agenda that is confident, forceful and empowering, committed to greater freedom, social justice and, above all else, reducing inequality…

“Voting begins on 1 September and we urge all undecided MPs and MEPs, and Labour Party and trade union members, to vote for Ed Miliband. He is the ‘change candidate’ who has the greatest potential to connect with a wider electorate and especially with those politically engaged young people, internationalist in outlook, who have lost faith in conventional Westminster politics but yearn for a more democratic, fairer and freer Britain.”

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