New name for part-free Heartland Evening News

A renamed daily newspaper in Warwickshire that is paid-for four days a week, and given away free on Wednesdays, has had ‘an excellent response’, the editor said today.

Last year, the Heartland Evening News, based in Nuneaton, sold Monday to Saturday for 30p.

Since last week, the paper – which has been renamed the Nuneaton News – is paid for on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, but given away free to 45,000 Nuneaton homes on Wednesdays.

The Saturday edition has been scrapped and the Wednesday edition is still sold in surrounding areas.

The paper is not audited by ABC, but editor Tony Parratt told Press Gazette: “The new model launched last week, and the response has been excellent.

“The increase in circulation is a benefit to advertising, and we also see it as a platform for the rest of the week.

“Also, being honest, in newspapers we have got a look at different ways to pick up the market.

“We kept our head above water. Our circulation was as good or better than most, but this gives us the opportunity to expand.”

On editorial staff, he added: “It is the same team, and they have responded in the same manner – as a chance to move forward.”

Parratt was one of the Heartland Evening News’s founding directors when the paper formed in 1992.

In 2006, it was bought by Iliffe News and Media.

Rivals include the Nuneaton Telegraph, a version of the Coventry Telegraph, and the free weekly Nuneaton Tribune.

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